The Latest Good News

So yesterday, Wednesday, I had an optometry appointment.  I had to inform her that along with my two decades long-ago diagnosis of Type II Diabetes, I was also  recently diagnosed with lupus.  With this news I was assigned a new test, an ultrasound of my optic nerve.  SO, good news, my optic nerve, in my right eye anyway, is undamaged and fully functional.

What wasn’t such good news is that the steroid treatments to fight the skin rash over pretty much 85% of my body has triggered the growth of cataracts in my right eye.

My left has been pretty much sightless since a retinal detachment in 2005 for which several attempts at reattachment were fruitless.  About five years ago, my right eye also suffered a retinal detachment but the surgery successfully reattached it this time.  I thought then that I had dodged the blindness bullet.

So now it’s creeping in on me instead, like the fog the cataract makes me see sometimes.  According to the optometrist, this kind of cataract, growing behind the lens rather than across the front, grows at unpredictable rates.  It could take years to get thick enough to operate on, or a few months.  Instead of my regular annual exam, now I have to go back in six months to check on its progress.

Guess I better get busy drawing while I can still see to do it.