It’s The Lupus

So last February I got a biopsy done on this rash I’ve been dealing with since, oh, election night and even worse since inauguration,  I thought maybe I was stress-scratching as a form of self harm at first, and then as it got worse I became afraid, because of what the rash was beginning to look like that it was a kind of lymphoma.  The results came back in May (just in time for Lupus Awareness Month) as lupus.


Now, I’ve been reading up on the symptoms,  Along with the rash — which is indeed a result of stress in the way of being a flare trigger — are severe fatigue (which I blamed on the diabetes and the chronic back pain) and joint pain.  Also, mental fogs are apparently a part of the roster of ills.  Basically the brain also comes under attack from the immune system.  So Saturday I had a public incident of confusion and had to take a time out for a few minutes at the Wal*mart.  Mom deduced, rather tangentially, that I was TIRED because of the lupus.  The psychology of the moment didn’t enter into it, apparently.  Anyway, having ‘fun’ logging the many other symptoms that have been tagged as other illnesses and turning out to be part of the lupus after all.


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