And Fail.

So I played Ultima IV two days in a row, died three times in the first five minutes the first day, then finally found my way to two other towns in the game.  I’m afraid I just haven’t got the focus to maintain the game play.


Also fail, my therapist spends so much time fulfilling his talking agenda I don’t even get an opening to talk about the things I should be talking about and which my psychologist/psychiatrist (whichever one it is that does the prescribing) says I should be addressing.  He hasn’t heard a word about my aggressive behaviors, my violent tendencies, my risky sexual behavior, all of which are only not current issues mainly because I live in virtual isolation.  I didn’t even get a word out about my most recent attempted suicide because he had a printout of Counting Your Blessings he wanted to read off and then hand to me.  These sessions are supposed to last at least 50 minutes, right?  He got me in and out in about 25, if the clocks are not wrong.  The psychiatric doctor rediagnosed me from cyclothymic to Affective Disorder with Combined whatchamacallits, both Depression and Anxiety.  I’ll be looking that up shortly to see what the actual difference is in the diagnosis.


An Experiment in Time Travel?

So, last night I had my daughter obtain for me a copy of Ultima4, which was released a full year before she was born.  Clearly I hadn’t the equipment at my disposal back then to play computer games at all, but after reading Felicia Day’s memoir, “You’re Never Weird On The Internet (Almost)”, I found myself craving the experience so many of my peers went through.  So I believe I shall keep a log of my gaming experiment here.  Later today I will go through the creation of my first Ultima character.  If screen grabs are a thing in it, I may pull some and share them, too.